Why studying Urdu is important - even for "native- speakers"

Over the last six to twelve months we have seen an interesting development at Zubaan Training: we have been flooded with inquiries to study Urdu by Pakistanis. At first we were taking a bit by surprise - after all, our…

Urdu Grammar Workbook

Urdu Grammar Workbook

Excerpt from inside the workbook:   About Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners   The vision for this book developed over many years of studying Urdu as a Foreign Language in Pakistan. As I dug deeper into learning Urdu, met many…

Resources for learning Urdu as a Foreign Language

Choosing the right materials or resources make a huge difference when learning a foreign language. For all of us Urdu learners, I have some good and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news: until now there are few…

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If you are learning, studying or teaching Urdu as a Foreign Language or you are simply interested in the Urdu langauge for personal, academic or business reasons, this site is for you.

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