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How to make Yes/No Questions in Urdu

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Here we are again with our next topic. Today we will look at how to ask questions in Urdu. There are two type of questions: Yes/No Questions and Questions with so-called Questions words. Some people also call those “Open questions”. Today we will have a look at Yes/No Questions. Our next blog entry will then look at the “Open Questions”.

In Urdu, making Yes/No questions is really easy.

  1. Make a normal sentence.
  2. Then add the little word  کیا“kya” in front of the sentence and a question mark at the end.
  3. Voila. Here you have your Yes/No question

Just one more note: Kya also is used as a question word and has the meaning “what”. However, in Yes/No Questions the word “kya” simply indicates that this is a yes/no question. It is not translated. *

Okay, let’s look at some examples:

And now the questions:

That’s it. Really quite simple.

Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have or suggestions for future articles. Next week we will look at how to make more complicated questions.

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