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Possessive Pronouns in Urdu

Today we will have a look at possessive forms of personal pronouns in Urdu. Possessive forms are used to indicate who something or someone belongs to. E.g. my, your, our, their, his etc.

In English those words never change, but in Urdu they do. The good news is that the endings changes basically exactly like the endings of adjectives. This means the endings change according to the grammatical gender (female/male) and number (plural/singular) of the noun. Check out our previous blog right here for more details.

Here is a list of all possessive pronouns in Urdu:

And lastly, here are a few example sentences:

That is it already. Have a great week and see you in our next blog! For practice activities, get our “Urdu Grammar Workbook” in print or as e-book on Amazon Kindle.

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