Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners

We are excited to announce the release of our very own Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners on April 1st.  Get a sneak preview on the first chapter by clicking on this link:  Chapter 1 (FREE TRIAL)

To purchase the workbook:

  1. For customers in Karachi: Contact us at info@urdulearner.com or info@zubaantraining.net
  2. For international customers and orders within Pakistan: go to our www.urdulearner.com/shop 

UPDATE April 16, 2019: International Orders and local order as well as payments via paypal, credit card and direct bank deposit are now all working again! Thanks for your patience!

Update May 9, 2019: Our Workbook is now also available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Stores (print version, only in Europe)

4 thoughts on “Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners

    1. Dear Diah,thank you for your message and your interest in learning Urdu. In addition to the resources on the website, we offer Urdu online classes with our highly qualified and experienced teachers from Pakistan. Send us a message at info@urdulearner.com for more information.

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