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Why studying Urdu is important – even for “native- speakers”

Over the last six to twelve months we have seen an interesting development at Zubaan Training: we have been flooded with inquiries to study Urdu by Pakistanis. At first we were taking a bit by surprise – after all, our focus has been on teaching Urdu as a foreign language, i.e. teaching Urdu to people who do not have any background or connection to the Urdu language.

The students that approach us can be divided into three general groups:

  1. Overseas Pakistanis (and their children in particular)
  2. Pakistanis living in Pakistan who have studied almost exclusively in English/ speak English in their home
  3. Pakistanis whose native tongue is not Urdu (e.g. Sindhis, Pathan, Punjabi etc.)

For us it highlights once again, the need and importance of promoting Urdu as Second langauge learning, but just for foreigners. It has been our joy to be able to do so!

Recently, DAWN published an article, which also speak to this with the title “Understanding the linguistic journey of Pakistan’s children”. You can click on the link to read the full article.

Please leave your comments below – we would love to hear what your relationship and experience with Urdu as Second language has been.

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2 thoughts on “Why studying Urdu is important – even for “native- speakers”

  1. We agree with your comments! We are based out of Canada and recently started publishing Urdu books for children, but they are written in the English script (Roman Urdu).

    We are seeing very strong interest from overseas Pakistanis around the globe, and we too were surprised when we got some interest from people in Pakistan. We have noticed that people mostly care about their childrens’ ability to speak Urdu, and are less concerned about writing or reading the script.

    What you are providing is a very interesting service – we have had a few people reach out to us asking if we provide lessons, which we do not. You should email us if you are interested and maybe we can find a way of working together. We are happy to refer people to you regardless.


    1. Thank you for your comments! Yes, indeed, most people want to focus on learning to speak first and reading & writing second. We offer a variety of special courses for children (online, and in person). For more information please contact us at

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